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Christmas card exchange
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Thank you herewego15; jittrbugg; princess2000204 and sylvaineelena, you guys are great.
Happy, happy holidays,

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Erm, it has in no way to do with the card exchange BUT with the qaf_giftxchange.

Just wanted to tell you 'Thank you'. I'm completely and totally in love with the story :) It's beautifully written and *sigh* you made me cry. And that
's a good thing :)

Merry Christmas...


I was thanking them for sending me Christmas cards, did I do that incorrectly?

Totally glad you love the story...it's good, I guess, to make people want to cry.

Happy new year,

I was thanking them for sending me Christmas cards, did I do that incorrectly?

No, no. I was just saying that my comment had nothing to do with your post. I came to your personal journal to thank you because I wasn't sure how soon you'd see the comment over in the xchnge community :)

gottcha, me just not reading it right.
May you new year be filled with B/J love.

Hey, I got your Christmas card this morning, thank you! And I can't believe I forgot to give you the URL for Rhino Eyes. I need to pick up a spindle of DVDs, and when I do I'll send you a hard copy, but for now this'll have to do!


All the parts are there. I can't believe I uploaded them way back at the end of November. My brain is made of holes sometimes, I swear.

Anyway, enjoy!

not a problem, we've all got much on our minds. If the hardcopy thing isn't a problem, I don't mind waiting until you have the time but until then, I'll see what I can do with the link. We don't download movies, or music even, so I'm not sure if we even have blank DVDs. I felt like a shit reminding you in a card but...I got anxious.
Have a wonderful new year.
Can't wait for Basements.

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