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San Bruno Explosion_photo slideshow by @thomashawk
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San Bruno is about 30 minutes north of us, about 10 miles south of San Francisco.
Oddly, these photos, which are very well done, remind me in some ways of the photos of the 1989 earthquake.
Enjoy them, if not for the reality of these images, then for their quality.

And that burned Mustang, my first car except mine was a convertible...sweet sweet car.

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yeah, I know, it got ugly. It amazes me more didn't die, not to make light of those who did. I'll never look at the middle of my street the same again.

i imagine this is what nuclear holocaust looks like.

I know, right? My once safe street doesn't look quite as safe now.

g, the images on tv were horrifying. i actually received two emails from the east coast asking about san francisco proper and if L was ok. i can hear the lawyers gearing up.

hope all is well,


I sometimes think people in the east don't get how really far apart things are here, so funny. You're right though, the news was horrifying, the consequence of ignoring infrastructure. I keep looking at the middle of my street and wondering. Otherwise, it's ok. I'm coming to the reality, v...e...r...y slow...ly that Lauren will be leaving home soon and that reality is KILLING me, but other than that, I'm good.

And you?

These are the first visuals I've seen. I heard about it about a week after it happened on the radio but never saw any film footage. NPR's story was about how many of these same type of lines are all around the country. There's even wood ones. :(

'There's even wood ones. :('
Yikes, give one pause, at least we don't have to deal with that.

Since we are so close, the images were in our face constantly for several days, but videos. I like the stillness of the photographic image, otherworldly.

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