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THIS speaks for itself...so yummy

if you made this or know who did, let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.
Thanks to kellys_muse for pointing out that this is from vivrelamou's channel on YouTube, which can be found here

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(Deleted comment)
I picked it up at the teamratbert comm and as someone over there said, it's the best of the best and put together so very well. And thanks for the info.

I LOVE this so much!
**iz ded**
I need to watch again...and again, and again...

it will reside on my desktop for ever and ever ;)) glad you liked.

Is Tommy gay?

How many times do they kiss per concert? Has anybody counted?

Does Adam only kiss him?

Tommy identifies as straight, I think he is just pretty bendy when it comes to Adam who Tommy identifies as his 'brother'. Only thing is, Tommy inmates a lot of the play, a lot of the play, between them on stage so...

Sometimes they don't kiss, sometimes they just lick, but the norm is once at the beginning of 'Fever' when Adam sings to Tommy, 'we know it's not time' kiss kiss, or lick lick or stroke stroke then finishes with 'but won't you be mine' before going on with the rest of the song. Tommy is the only one he kisses or humps or whatever, but there are very sexy choreographed moves with his dancers, Brook -straight woman, (his choreography director) Taylor -straight man (just turned 20 and who is seen a lot with Adam at various places), Terrence -gay man, and finally Sasha -gay woman. The rest of the band is Monte -lead guitar (he used to play with Madonna), Cam -piano, and Issac -drums (he just recently replaced LJ, who went back to his old band "Yellowcard' at the end of the American tour. They're all straight.

Now for Tommy's birthday a couple of nights ago, Adam kissed him twice at least, once during 'Fever' and then again, a really sweet kiss too, during their first time performing Metallica's 'Enter Sandman', one of Tommy's favorite songs, which they did as their encore for his birthday present. (there's a sweet little story that goes along with this having to do with Tommy's birthday last year) Anyway, according to Monte, they only practiced it once before performing it live. Tommy, needless to say, was so stoked.

One last little tidbit, someone figured they'd kissed about forty times a couple of nights ago so, more like 45 by now as the rate has been increasing over time. Anything else, I've learned way too much over the past three months.

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Thank you for the primer. :) 45 times that we've seen . . .

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