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and now for something a little bit different
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honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Now that's really cool.

for brainiacs, these guys are really tied-in to what's going on, I love it when they do these sorts of things. The other thing they like to do is storm-watch from high-above, beautiful pictures of swirling massed clouds with little dotted-line indications of where the land would be if only we could see it.

I just watched the 1969 movie, Marooned, with Gregory Peck, James Franciscus, Gene Hackman and got a kick out of how much one of the astronauts was enjoying watching the hurricane below. It's an excellent movie, btw.

man, I love Netflix, I have on order, thanks for the rec.

iz pretty, they did a great job but that they even thought to do this is soooo very cool

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