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Since Lauren waited to the last POSSIBLE moment to...
icon science_astronomy
...retake her ACTS, we had to sign-up to take them at Soquel Highschool,
located in the pleasant enough little sea-side community of Soquel
yesterday, Saturday, at 7:30am, which is why we got in because
the town is a 45-minute drive away from San Jose,
way on the other side of the Santa Cruz Mountains,
where no one from San Jose wants to be at the above-mentioned time & on any given day.

Oh, and the test wasn't done until 1:00pm
so, I stayed, with a couple of friends, and
while they chatted away, I took pictures.
Why are you not surprised?
And well, we shopped.
The view in one direction, sort of

And the view in the other




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The split screen effect is really effective. I say do more of these!

I wish my camera could do split screen, it only appears that way because of how I had to upload the photos into my journal, but I can certainly, when appropriate, present them that way, easy enough.

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