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Oh man, Tommy_snagged from LJ RSS feed for tjrpictumblr
icon science_astronomy
and as they so succinctly put it:
'This needs no editing. Simply gorgeous'.

Credit to Adam Bouska and the NoH8 Campaign
thanks to bm_shipper for this info, who's made some icons which can be found here

On my Mood thingie, as you can see, I put - 'Impressed' -  but, had I been able to, I would have put - 'In Lust'.
I'd love to see what the little face icon would have looked like for that!!

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Mmm. Tommy has some muscles in those upper arms. Great pic.

When I'm able to look away from his eyes I can see that you are, in fact, right, he does have some nice upper arm muscles. I find though that I have this nearly uncontrollable urge to lick that face on his inner arm...guh.

It is a great pic and a great campaign, I hope Adam joins up very soon.

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