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365 Photography Project_Twelfth Post
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Saturday January 01, 2011 New Year's on Television

Sunday December 26, 2010 The reason why San Jose will never have tall buildings downtown, the airport is minutes away so buildings can only be so tall for clearance.

Monday December 27, 2010 Neon manicure.

Tuesday December 28, 2010 My car waits for me @ the end of my work night.

Wednesday December 29, 2010 Lauren and I decided to make 'Alex's Cornmeal Bread with Bacon', which we both enjoyed doing and eating. The canisters are a Christmas present I bought the house.

Thursday December 30, 2010 Every year, Cindy, whose birthday is Christmas Day and I, mine is New Years Eve, celebrate a combined birthday with our combined families. This is the bar's ceiling at Black Angus where Daiv and I waited for everyone else to arrive.

Friday December 31, 2010 New Years Eve, @ 6 seconds and counting, on Television. Six seconds later I took the photo above the cut.

Flickr for weeks 1 through 11 here

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The low flying plane and the ceiling are both very interesting pics from great angles.

the low flying plane was a total accident, we were walking in the other direction, to The Spaghetti Factory, I heard it coming, whipped out my camera, turned around and 'snap', got it. The ceiling was out of boredom, I asked the bartender if I could take pics and he said 'sure' so I took the ceiling, not him. So very...me, while waiting for our friends and Lauren.

Happy New Year and happy birthday! *hugs* Looking forward to enjoying more of your photos in 2011. :-)

thank you and 'yay', I'm glad you look forward to them, makes me feel good. Happy belated new year to you too.

The airplane shot is my favorite.

a total accident.

Mine are the two taken seconds apart, not because they're good photographs, those taken from TV usually aren't, but because I, at the last moment, thought to take them at all, for me a terrific way to end off the old and start the new.

I missed the 2011 lit up in the second shot. Timing is everything sometimes. Good reflexes!

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