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not MORE photography!!

Yes, my dears, more freakin photography\!!!!!
because waaaaaaay back last March, I stopped posting to 100_snapshots for a number of reasons, but mainly for two: my laptop crashed taking with it many UNbacked-up photos that had been taken for the comm. and Lauren's unavailability due to her homework load during her junior, and now senior, year. While new photos have come along, she's still buried in work so, I've decided to go it alone, otherwise, I'll never get done and be able to move on to List Two. Together, we completed about 45 of the 100 themes and I currently have all the rest done but 1. I hope to post five themes once per week until List One is finished. During the summer, if she has time, Lauren may be able to contribute again, but not until then. Damn you AP Physics.

First List: Eighteenth Post
Photographer: Gaeln
Number of photos: 5
Themes: 5_Open; 6_Forever; 7_Love; 8_Touch; 9_Colorless

Link to flickr for past posts

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Wonderful pics hon!
I love the "Forever" and "Love" ones.
Colorless is really original. What is it exactly?

I know love is pretty cliche, using my daughter, but it is what it is. Colorless is a metal wall in a tech museum. Thanks for commenting, it makes me happy.

(Deleted comment)
touch and colorless come from 2 different museums, one science, one tech. Glad there can't be enough photography for you as I've got much more to come.

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