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First List,_Twentieth Post_100_snapshots
icon art_camera
Photographer: Gaeln
Number of photos: 5
Themes: 20_Pale; 21_Earth; 23_Scars; 24_Stray; 28_Fresh


Link to flickr for past posts

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Wonderful images. I think Earth is the best picture taken from an airplane window I have ever seen. Period. FanSee

thank you, I really appreciate your kind words!!

These are *so* cool!

The first one looks like a metal skeleton left in the middle of nowhere.

The picture of the brush beneath if reminds me of my old home in SoCal. People there used to gather up tumbleweeds, spray paint them white, and stack them to make 'snow'men during the Christmas holidays.

The crabs remind me of my home now in Louisiana since crabs and seafood are a huge part of the culture. Not to mention they make good gumbo.

The picture from the plane is beautiful. The angle of the horizon line almost looks like you're taking the picture from space. And the tree bark picture was a really clever way of covering the word 'scars.'

Really beautiful set! :D

I really appreciate your thoughts. The sculpture is almost SoCal, it's a sculpture 'garden' at Cal Poly so, good eyes. And yeah, I remember spray painting tumbleweeds only, we painted them silver instead. Don't know why since white makes much more sense, actually.

The 'scars' are from a flowering plum tree in our courtyard that has made several guest appearances for this comm. and my 365 photo project. His beautiful foliage and bark have made for some nice pictures.

Thanks for taking the time.

Again, wonderful photos! 'Earth' is brilliant! And I love your choice for 'scars' - very innovative!

Thanks for sharing! :)

'Thanks for sharing! :)'
my pleasure

"scars' was proving hard to find when, right there in my garden, I found my flowering plum, which has proven to be a very useful tree for my photography.

I really like the way you've grouped these - the trees and crabs especially.

crabs and tree (or 'fresh' and 'scars')seem to be a hands-down favorites, thanks for stopping by.

Crabs! Now I'm hungry. *pouts*

I really like the one with the tree bark. :-)

sorry to make you *pouts*, only wish I could deliver some to your doorstep.

My favorite flowering plum tree, it's made several appearances in my journal before, and no doubt will again, it does have a lot of character.

I'm glad you like, thanks!!

Again, wonderful pics hon!
"Earth" is awesome, really, and I truly love also "scars"
Thanks as always for sharing =)

thank you!! Glad you like

(Deleted comment)
thanks and, yes, I thought so too.

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