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First List,_Twenty-Fourth Post_100_snapshots
icon art_camera
Photographer: Gaeln
Number of photos: 5
55_Wash; 62_Rope; 64_Chase; 66_Smirk; 70_Soul

1) Wash(room) @ the gym
2) Rope all is tied together with it
3) Smirk Even if it does sound mean, Lauren & I couldn't help but smirk just a little at this woman's deck shoes.
4) Chase Pretend dolphins play pretend chase
5) Soul my definition

flickr for the rest

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The "Chase" pic is terrific. It immediately drew my attention.

I really like how that one came out, glad you d too

I'm glad, sure is my favorite. I always have to be stealth with her but that makes for some interesting compositions sometimes.

Great photos! I always wonder how people walk around in shoes like that on a regular basis!!

thanks, glad you enjoyed and I do not know, I was pained just watching her, but ya know, she seemed to be having a great time so, there you go.

(Deleted comment)
Great pics. I love the dolphin one :)

thank you, I do too! ;)

I simply adore the "Chase" shot. Wonderful.

And of course your definition of "Soul" is perfect ♥

Thanks for sharing =)

I'm glad you agree with 'Soul'. And I am always happy to share.

I laughed so hard when I saw those shoes. Totally inappropriate for a boat. Not to mention they look horrid with that outfit. I also notice that her feet are red especially near the toes and her ankles are showing signs of strain. I'm assuming she was either a clueless/never been on a boat before or there was someone on the boat worth trying to impress.

The dolphin picture is *gorgeous.* It's in my top 5 favorites that you've posted thus far. It's one of those pictures that's just so pretty and 'put together' feeling that there was a moment I thought it was an illustration rather than an actual picture; it was just to beautiful to believe it's real at first.

the woman was probably on some kind of tour. And your right, she could not have been comfortable yet she remained standing the entire time so, apparently she was good with it.

Glad you like the dolphin photo, I do too.

I want to know about the pier pics. Are the pilings(?) free floating? Where do they go later? Is this because of ice in the winter?

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