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Discovery’s last moment in the Sun
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"Alan Friedman’s shot of the solar prominence was not the only amazing picture he took of the Sun last week. He also caught something pretty special: the Orbiter Discovery, docked with the International Space Station, as the pair crossed the face of our star:"

The rest of the article can be found here
Credit to: DiscoverMagazine which can be found here

This is why I love twitter, seriously, tweets that bring me information like this.


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What a stunning image! Thanks for sharing!

it is amazing, and the beautiful part about twitter, they link you to places you have no idea are exist and wouldn't find any other way.

Amazing photograph! Thanks for posting it. :)

my pleasure, photos like this get me all OMG OMG. It's also just so sad that it's Discovery's last mission, the Shuttle program had a good run though.

That is an amazing picture. Thanks for sharing.

(Deleted comment)
I know, right? So cool. And, your icon is perfect.

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