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Idea snagged from redefine_you
icon science_astronomy

In a
post here.redefine_you asked her friends to post photos
of themselves and/ or their children.

'Then & Now'

Happily, many of her friends did and
it was so much fun comparing the 'befores' and the 'afters'.

So, I thought I'd try and do the same.
Unfortunately, I haven't scanned-in our photographs from when Lauren was young
so the first 2 pics of her are photographs of photographs.
The last was taken earlier this morning when I dropped her off @ school.

Come play, won't you?

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Wow, I love that first photo! What a great expression. I like them all, actually. :-)

thank you!! It was Lauren's 3rd birthday, why we're all dressed up.

These photos are really lovely :)

Aww these photos are so beautiful.

I love all these pictures. You are especially beautiful holding Lauren.

thank you, sweetie. My friend, Barbara, who actually took these photos also plaited mine and Lauren's hair which did look very nice.

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