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My husband sent me a link and I can see why
icon words_no more reality
this guy

makes model car placed within their environment.


becomes this...

which then becomes this.

His name is Michael Paul Smith and you can find his slideshow
on flickr

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Wow! This is super cool!

That's such a cool idea! Thank you, and your husband, for sharing.

(Deleted comment)
IKR? and using the real background is so amazing, that and his attention to detail

(Deleted comment)
between making the cars, then making the sets and than finding the locations, let alone setting up the shot, I'd have to think so too.

This is so cool! It looks like an old timey postcard!

In the slide show, I like how for some, he'd show the end photograph both ways, in color then in sepia, really brings out the old timey effect. Glad you enjoyed this.

Soooooo cool! Love it!
Thanks =)

And this is way cool too.

*agrees*? I love when someone finds their passion, no matter how off-beat, and takes that to a new level.

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