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365 Photography Project Thirtieth Post
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Sunday May 01, 2011 Self-explanatory

Monday May 02, 2011 California grass

Tuesday May 03, 2011 Walkway with color_the pot with rocks is now also planted

Wednesday May 04, 2011 The frontyard is growing!

Thursday May 05, 2011 Dad's family's photographic album is done

Friday May 06, 2011 End of the month laundry which includes kitchen rugs and a white load_5 loads altogether

Saturday May 07, 2011 A cool decaled truck

Flickr for the story of our year

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Argh, you have reminded me that I need to do laundry. :-P

My favorite is the grass shot!

I was practically lying under the grass to get this photo, you can see it again in the frontyard photo. It's messy stuff but pretty.

Great photos as always!

Loved the pic of the frontyard!
Congratulation for the Dad's family's photographic album =)
And that truck is really cool.

Thanks for sharing =)

thank you!! It's growing well for the most part.

And thank you. It feels good to have finished the project someone else?? started probably 50 years ago but, for whatever reason, never completed. My dad had just bundled everything in one place and left it.

I'd seen these kinds of decals on buses, this was a first...on a truck !! and a pretty elaborate one too.

I'm pretty sure I can locate picture #2 on picture #4, but I'm not sure picture #3 can be glimpsed on #2? Anyway, your front yard looks great, and I love the color and texture in the pots, wherever they are.

My laundry is caught up but you inspire me to get crackin' on the yard before summer suddenly descends, as it is wont to do. FanSee

P.S. The truck! What should I request?

Edited at 2011-05-17 01:15 pm (UTC)

you are right, 3 can't be seen from 2, 3 can though be seen on 4, the pots align all the garage wall leading to the front door. Ever year I think, 'I'll wait until summer and Lauren's home and we can work on the yard together'. Yeah right...too hot...too wanting to do other more fun things so, never happens. This year, while the weather is lovely, I do one project a day and progress is being made.

As for the truck, you have been wanting a new kitchen, haven't you?

The California grass looks so soft. Is it?

it is, very soft and those little seed tuffs fly everywhere. In this case, your icon is perfect.

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