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isn't it? All brass and wood and leather...sigh.

Oh my God, I LOVE that!!

I know!!! The key got me, all this coolness and you still have to wind it up to make it go. :D

Okay, I'm dumb. What is it? It looks like a brass and wood and leather laptop, only there is, as you note, the key for winding up, which kind of argues against the laptop. So I'm thinking, music box that looks like a laptop? And why does everyone else know what it is except me, lol!

Arwen, feeling dumber than dumb

No, arwen not dumb...arwen over-thinking.
Imagine if the Victorians had invented the laptop and...tha DA!!! this is what they would have designed it, yeah?

Okay, now that I know it IS a laptop, I want it too. *grin* Perfect blend of form and function.

Arwen, who is a sucker for old things

google 'steampunk', it's a current trend that takes new technology and makes it look like it would have if developed during the time of steam engines. There are movies, fashion etc.

something is wrong with you if you don't want a steampunk laptop.

no truer words, sweetie, no truer words :D

That is so awesome!!!!!

Does it work? It's gorgeous.

I don't think so, I think it's part of what's called steampunk, new technology made to look as if it was invented during the time of the steam engine. There's fashion, movies etc. I wish it worked.

most excellent. It occurs to me that this seems like a reaction to all the smooth slick design going on right now. Anyway, I've always like the idea of mixing timeframes and this seems to fit in with that very well. And thanks for the link, I'm learning about something new too.

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