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so beautiful and so terriflying
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got from tumblr CheatSheet who got it from here

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That is a very eery, but gorgeous pic.

I know. Did you click through and make it BIG BIG BIG? Even more unreal at that size.

(Deleted comment)
terrifying especially when you realize that those little white specks on the horizon are house. Oh man.

Beings are in those clouds, angels, demons, something. Gorgeous.

maybe some major greek god I would think playing with the humans. It is gorgeous, I know.

Wow, now that's a photo!

I agree, being in the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment and a eye for what makes a great photograph.

I totally agree with you.... beautiful pic but terribly scary

those little white specks on the horizon are houses!! Geeez.

G, i think awesome really says it all. there's nothing like Mother Nature.


isn't that the truth especially when she has her best finery on!!

(Deleted comment)
you can almost see Zeus, lightening bolts at the ready, roaring out, can't ya?

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