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365 Photography Project Thirty-Fifth Post
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Late again...oops :D

Sunday June 05, 2011 Lauren, who has obviously become our wildlife photographer, got a cute pic of one of 'our' squirrels

Monday June 06, 2011 Lauren had the day off so, we wnt shopping and while we didn't buy bras, I thought this was a cool stealth shot.

Tuesday June 07, 2011 a New neighbor cat who blends right in to a not landscaped part of our backyard.

Wednesday June 08, 2011 Reflections of the enterior of OSH.

Thursday June 09, 2011 This was taken when all the grads were arriving to get ready for graduation, which took place about 45 minutes later. Lauren, with Jimmy and Paulyna are in this mess of kids somewhere. I took this as us grown-up were heading for the stadium to take our seats, out on the blazing sun, on nearly brand new bleachers.

Friday June 10, 2011 Lauren & I had lunch with my friend from forever, Barbara. They are posed in front of the nail place we use.

Friday June 10, 2011 My weekly shot of the transformation as Mervyns continues to become OSH

Saturday June 11, 2011 a courtyard shot from below

the flickr of our lives

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(Deleted comment)
they've become the urban animal of choice, I didn't grow up here but, since we've lived here, in the suburbs anyway, they're always around.

i really like the graduation shot. i've always loved images that look like several images overlaid one over the other. they always have nice movement in them.

The setting was an accident, it is normally for low-light shots, it takes 4 quick shots in succession. I'd never used it since I rarely shot low light but, love how it works in normal light with movement. It's a cool effect..

That cat pic is fabulous.

I love the assortment of creative pics and the bra pic is amusing.

The cat pic was taken by Lauren, she does so well with the backyard animals.

I'm glad you think so and yeah, bra pics are just naturally amusing.

Those are some ugly bras!

Love the shot of the ghostly students -- very cool effect.

For me, most bras are pretty ick, that's why I do the sports bra thing.

An accident that worked to my advantage and that, this time anyway, I knew how to do again :D

The squirrel looks like it is enjoying a moment.

The cat comes from royalty. You must take more pictures and find out its name.

The stealth shot was taken from the hip or waist and I can see you trying not to get caught.

those squirrels enjoy ALL moments, they have basically free-reign in the backyard which is loaded up with seeds and pinecones, trees and power lines, what's not to love!!

Actually, and I should have said so, Lauren took that shot as well. If we ever meet our new neighbors, I'll be sure to ask their cat's name. Do you think she's royalty because she is so elegant or do you know something about her breed.

Lauren hates it when I go stealth, I was actually try to hide from her, and you're right, from the hip.

Nope. I know nothing about her breed, she looks regal. WHy does Lauren hate it?

'WHy does Lauren hate it?'

because I do it in places where I normally wouldn't be doing photography so, consequently, I'm not paying attention to her. I just asked her and this is her answers. Awwwwww!

So, thanks for asking because otherwise, I never would have known.

Great photos!! I love the squirrel one :)

thank you!! we always have little animals roaming our backyard, watching them gives us something to do :D

The cat is adorable ♥
But my favorite is the graduation pic. So cool!!!
Thanks for sharing my dear!

the cat is adorable!! she just moved in next door.

I didn't plan the grad pic, I had the camera on the 'wrong' setting but it produced such a cool effect, I'm now going nuts with it :D

I am, as always, glad you enjoy my pics.

The grey cat is grey

I saw these before I went on vacation, but had no time to comment. I especially love the cat and the underside of the umbrella (the last picture). FanSee

Re: The grey cat is grey

glad your back!! glad you like the kitty and my umbrella

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