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Some web-stolen pictures of where Lauren will go to school
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The Banana Slug Mascot...seriously

An aerial view, the colleges are tucked into the pines at the lower left, but the campus includes the open space also.

 Two of the colleges

This is Crown College, the College of Science and Technology, from above and...

...at entrance level, which is Lauren's dorm & college.

Since Lauren will be going here, most likely, for four years anyway, I imagine there will be more.

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the banana slug. and i thought having a native american tribe as a mascot was unique.

looks like a great place, though.

strangely, that ugly little banana slug is starting to grow on me, a bit anyway, but I think having a tribe has got to be even more unique.

I hope it will be a great experience for her. *fingers crossed*

That school looks absolutely beautiful!

I know, it is beautiful, isn't it? We revisited it today, took some friends from out of town, and seeing their response helped solidify for her that she made the right decision.

OMG can I go there to:)

Just so beautiful,,I hope she appreciates it,,what a gorgeous school to study in..thanks for sharing,,Love Jx

'OMG can I go there to:)' I know, right?

Funny story: first time we visited a couple of months ago, she did not like it, too wild, too unfamiliar, but for whatever reason, she changed her mind, accepted their offer so, we went back today and she loves it now. We found the college where she will be dorming and while everything was closed, summer session hasn't started, still, we were able to wander around getting a feel of where she'll be much of the time. I think that the fact that she got to experience the place through the eyes of friends from out of town has helped her appreciate it a lot more.

My BFF's son is going to go there this year. My friend and I have been cracking up at the idea of wearing our new Banana Slug sweatshirts that he has promised to get us. I loved the pictures and can't wait to visit the campus.

That's so cool, my BFF whose son is also going, was telling me, just day, about the sweatshirts and how we have to get ours :) We visited again today and it really is beautiful, we roamed around Crown College getting a feel for the place. Do you know which college your friend's son is dorming in?

He will be dorming at College 8. I looked at the pictures online and it is a beautiful school. It will be fun to visit him there.

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I remember you said that you actually applied, right? that's so cool that you still have some logos left. When we first visited awhile back, Lauren was not impressed, too sort of wild, but we visited again today and she was much more impressed, good thing too.

(Deleted comment)
That is a seriously gorgeous campus, banana slugs and all.

it's considered one of the prettiest in the country apparently and, interestingly, the banana slug is actually starting to grow on me :)

Of course it is! What's not to love?!

for her, nothing. For me________, I bet you can fill in the blank :)

She will always come home to you.

It looks really fabulous!!!

IKR? We actually went there today to show some friends from out of town, and it looks just like the pics!!! I'm going to make a second post soon with the kids included :D

G, i hope that Lauren will enjoy her school; it's very beautiful!


I think she will enjoy it and yes, it is pretty , isn't it?

What a beautiful setting for a campus.

Samantha's freshman orientation is tomorrow. She will get her first semester roster there.

I get oriented separately. Heaven knows I can use some oreintation. FanSee

it is pretty, isn't it? Lauren's orientation isn't until July 19 and she doesn't begin, as in her move-in date, until September 16.

Did you tell me where Sam is going? Will she be staying with you or living on campus?

Once you do get oriented, let me know how it goes, sounds like something I might need.

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