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I'm pimping two excellent vids & one amazing story
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The story first:
It's called 'Hotel Sin' and is written by Brian Hennessey aka big-brian-o and for any of you who have read any of his other stories, this one continues in the same quality vein. It' takes place in modern day San Antonio TX and centers around the 'Gale Harold-esque' character of Jesse James, a troubled detective who finds himself investigating a gruesome murder case that has taken place at  'Hotel Sin', a decrepit, abandoned, except for the homeless who call it home, on-the-edge-of-town motel. Brian's story is graphic and intense and so worth the read. It now is at 10 chapters with plenty more to come, I'm sure. As a bonus, he really brings the city of San Antonio alive, with many insider details, which makes the story all that much more real.
The first chapter can be found here
His journal with all the postings can be found here

Now, for the vids: and please remember to click through so the vids record more view and so you can 'Like It'
The first is by our very own tv_fan_2008 who has done a terrific job with this. Send her some love & maybe even join her YouTube channel Equexin.

and the second is the improved version, as in very very little screaming to interrupt the enjoyment, of Adam's beautiful new single so very very beautifully sung.


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(Deleted comment)
Happy fans are terrific but to just hear him sing is even better.

'Love the fanvid. *yum*'
*agrees* completely!!

I'm so grateful for so little screaming in it. I have decided that I missed my chance to see Adam when he was in Denver in July or last year. Small venue, too.

I just couldn't bear to see him and not be able to hear him sing. People are so rude.

Thanks for sharing and to whoever did this video.

The other is just too flaunt for me.


Re: Adam's new song

Just as I found about Adam, he was basically moving through the bay area on his way to LA, so I missed out too. I know how you feel. The original of the vid had much screaming but the vidder was able to clean it up and it does sound much better.

The other is just too flaunt for me.
Aaaaah, to bad, it makes me smile whenever I watch :D

Re: Adam's new song

I liked the one showing the kissing. This one was a little much.

Typical of young gay men his age, though. I love Adam, his music, his voice, his showmanship. He does go into that working mode, now and the more innocent Adam seems be disappearing with all the fame and such.

Can you imagine keeping all those folk working and having all of it dependent upon you? I can't. Don't envy him one bit.

I hope he's enjoying it all and making piles of money while he's at it. Does SONY pay for any of it?


Edited at 2011-08-31 08:53 am (UTC)

Wonder how it feels

Do you supposed Adam is frustrated when he is singing a ballad like Outlaws of Love and people scream and talk through it?

I suppose worse has happened in his life; took him ten years to get where he is. Last night I was walking and listening to Sleepwalker. I stopped at the entrance to our complex where the breeze blows in from outside and watched the video, the SONY one.


Re: Wonder how it feels

I'll write you a private message about my reaction to that particular video.


Re: Wonder how it feels

Not when he's performing, I think he would feed off the energy except during those few times when he's silent and everyone else should to be to also.

Sleepwalker is my favorite and Broken Open, I so love Broken Open.

what does broken open mean to you

I love the song, but, don't really know what it means.


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