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photos of Irene's aftermath from the Atlantic
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can be foun here

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OMG! Seeing these pictures makes me realize how lucky we were!! The flooding here in Brooklyn was only two blocks from me.
That first picture is the area they call "DUMBO" .....not far from me.

I was hoping you'd see this post, I did think of you with the first pic. Man, only two blocks away from you, you were very fortunate!!!

I can't help but think that this photo is kind of beautiful despite the distruction that was being caused below.

I looked at the other photos and it was heartbreaking to see people's homes torn apart and the one of the family sitting on the steps where their home once stood :(

it is beautiful, means no harm, we just happen to be where it has to go and so all hell breaks loose. I also thought that one pic of the family on their steps especially moving, I can't even imagine what they must be going through :(

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