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I just adopted a wolf for Lauren from the National Wildlife Federation
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Click on the first graphic to adopt an animal, they have so many, too many to chose from. This is just a small sampling

click on the second graphic to adopt an acre of the land that wild animals need to be able to roam free plus right now your adoption gift will be doubled...$25 = $50; $50 = $100 and so on :D

only takes a minute :)
Makes a cool Christmas gift :)

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(Deleted comment)
I am so happy you have found this useful and hope you guys had fun choosing what to adopt, so much good to be done for not too much money :D

I did this for Christmas one year with all the kids when they were young. Some were confounded over their gift.

very cool and, generally, confoundment can be a good thing, it leads to discussion and discussion, hopefully, leads to less confoundment, right?

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