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Second List_Fourth Post_100_snapshots
icon science_astronomy
Photographer: gaeln
Number of Photos: 2
Themes: 11_Square & 32_Picture

Cute story: I took this photo when I first began List 1 back in 2009, thinking Square was on that list but alas...no. Two and a half years later, I'm finally able to post it and for the proper list!!!

My daughter and Zach, an art project for high school last spring.

flickr has all the rest

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That second one is cool, the way the project is in focus and Lauren is in motion.

that's what I liked best about the photo as well. I had taken others where she was still, but liked this one best, shows Lauren in her natural state :D

Great pics my dear =)

LOL at the cute story about the first pic ;)
Glad you were finally able to post it.

Love the second one!

so glad you liked both photos and my little story, that first one sure did wait a long time to finally have its day in the sun :D

I really like both of these - the colors and subject matter.

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