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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Seventh Post
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Monday November 21, 2011_I got bored waiting at the Almaden Roasting Company for my mocha frappo so, naturally, I took photos of their ceiling.

Wednesday November 23, 2011_I got bored waiting for the kids to get out of class so, naturally, I took photos of everywhere including, the bookstore.

Thursday November 24, 2011_A quick photo from Thanksgiving because I always feel quite intrusive taking pictures while people are eating. Still...yum yum yum.

the flickr of our lives

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Great set of pics :) looks like you had a fun thanksgiving dinner.

thank you!!

and yeah, we did have a very nice Thanksgiving. My friend always has it at her house and all she wants from us is wine, sparkling champagne, and stuffing...easy peasy.

I love your Thanksgiving table!

I'd love to take credit, but credit belongs to the woman at the head of the table, my friend Cindy. She provided a great feast for us, all we provided was the stuffing :) Oh and some organic, sulfate-free Merlot that because it was sulfate-free both Cindy and I could drink without fear of getting headaches.

Great shot of the Thanksgiving table -- looks like everyone is having a great time.

the food had just been laid out, always a perfect moment as everyone's just starting to dig in :)

Great pics as always!
Love the one of Thanksgiving table. Yummy!

Thanks for sharing =)

Yummy is right, it was a lovely meal and evening.

and my pleasure.

Tell me about the gravy in the gravy boat. How did you make it?

I wish I could and I was there throughout the entire ordeal, but it wasn't my baby, it was Jimmy's, the son of the Hadley household and Lauren's best friend, and a vague obsessive young man. It initially came out to floury and he resisted my every suggestion to fix that. Fin...a...lly he relented and collaboratively, we made it work adding butter and salt...OMG no not salt!!! His words obviously.

Gravy is just one of those things you can't go halfway on, like cottage cheese instead of ricotta in the lasagna, not cool, you gotta go whole hog - butter, salt, fat/meat drippings.

exactly. Ultimately he added everything I suggested except pepper, I could not get him onboard with pepper WTF?

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