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Second List_Fifth Post_100_snapshots
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Since a not-to-be-ignored headache dogged me for the whole of last week, I got behind, never having posted my Wednesday 100_snapshots, never checking my f-list, barely even looking at email. The computer screen was not my friend. Today is better, not great, but better so...

Number of Photos: 2
Themes: 88_Work & 99_Shallow

88_Work_How I set-up my day, everything arranged on the table before me, annoying me until each and every thing is done :D


flickr has all the rest

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Hee, what's up with those little angels?

Sorry about your headache -- feel better soon!

they were dirty little angels in need of cleaning up, so bath time!

thank you, my headache has subsided somewhat hence why I'm able to be here :D

What is the silver round cannister with the handle in the first photo?

I like the angels and their sudsy bathtime.

It's a paint can, the first turned to rust so David re-canned the paint. There was a part of the hallway wall that needed repainting.

I doubt some of them had been washed in years and years, now they are beautiful.

I thought it was a fancy, miniature ice bucket that you had converted into a pen/pencil holder.

you kind of lost the perspective thing, it's a big old paint can and sadly not full of anything normally found in an ice bucket whether large or miniature.

Aww I love all the angels in the sink! =)

Bath time and OMG they needed it!!

Love your icon, fits the theme beautifully.

You look so incredibly organized. Go you!

You know, I have to be organized because otherwise, I would just drift through the day blissfully unproductive :D

OMG I love the little angels picture. I collect angels and have about 500 or more of them all over my house. Everyone buys me angels and no one has ever given me one that I already have. My friend that came from England to stay with me in Sept. gave me a Gay Angel to add to my collection. LOL!!

I love your pictures. Thanks for sharing.


most of these came from my mom, I've added just a couple. Interestingly, I also collect angels, but only one a year, at Christmas to honor my mom.

It's amazing that you have over 500, that friends give them to you, and no one has ever given you one you already have. Very cool :D

Thanks for stopping by :)

The angels are so beautiful! What a great pic!

Sorry for your headache my dear.
Feel better soon ♥ *hugs*

thank you, I love my little collection, started by my mom, continued by me.

'Sorry for your headache my dear.'
thank you so much, last week was bad but this week has been so much better :D

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