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Lauren comes home today for an ENTIRE month, so say...YAY!!!     YAY!!!    YAY!!!    YAY!!!    YAY!!!   YAY!!!

That having been said:
Number of Photos: 2
Themes: 6_Weird & 10_Cross

6_Weird_This really should be clicked on for the total distortion weirdness effect.


flickr has all the rest

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Have a great month with Lauren! :D

(Deleted comment)
The second one was taken in the sticker isle of my local Michaels craft store. I knew that there had to be a cross there somewhere and looked around until I finally found one, a sticker! I thought I'd find one on an ornament, but no.

'Have fun with Lauren!'
Thank you, I certainly will.

Aww, have a great month with Lauren! ♥

thank you, she's been home since Wednesday and we are having a swell time.

I like both photos, what/where is the first one? And the second one?

And yay for a month of Lauren!

Edited at 2011-12-08 07:52 am (UTC)

the first photo was taken at the science museum in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, a free-standing and round aquarium. The second was taken in the stickers isle at Michaels Craft store.

Yay!!! is right, I'm so happy she here.

I see the fish now. They're freshwater?

The bible isn't a real book then, it's a sticker? Fooled me.

I believe freshwater, but, honestly, I wouldn't swear to it and yep, a sticker!!

So happy you'll be able to spend a month with Lauren ♥

Great pics! Love the weird effect of the first one.

'So happy you'll be able to spend a month with Lauren ♥ '
so am I :DDD

and thank you!!

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