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Second List_Eighth Post_snapshots
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flickr has all the rest

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Love the wave shot -- reminds me of a place we visited in NZ.

Ooooo, NZ!! Cool. It's actually Santa Cruz :D

The "Wave" pic is sooooo enticing!!! I love the ocean, and have always lived within 20 mins to 2 hours from an ocean. Just the smell of the ocean makes me smile. :D

I agree with everything you've said, I too have always lived close to the ocean, I love the smell and the special quality of the light. This scene is about 10 minutes from where Lauren is going to school.

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thank you!!
And it's Santa Cruz.

And happy holidays to you too!!

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sorry, I forgot that your knowledge of Santa Cruz is far more extensive than mine. I know Natural Bridges, or Butterfly Beach as I like to call it, and that's about it. In the photo, we are on our way to one of the harbors which probably doesn't help you much. There's no lighthouse around, in fact right behind me is a neighborhood of lovely older homes.

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Great pics! The first is cool and I really love the second one.

Thanks for sharing =)

you are more than welcome :)

The ocean looks calm with no currents - is that a safe assumption?

that is a safe assumption, but the water is so very cold up here in the north, unlike Florida or even southern California, that we hardly ever go in. Even the surfers use wet suits :D

I do polar bear plunges.

we watched this segment on '60 Minutes' last night about this guy who scales the sheerest of rock faces with NO equipment what so ever. We just kept asking ourselves 'but why?' I could say the same to you, couldn't I? I guess doing so, plunging into nearly frozen water, would be very invigorating for like a minute but then isn't the feel like a thousand knives stabbing you everywhere? That's always been my experience in our cold water which would undoubtedly feel tepid to you ;D

After the initial plunge, you lose all feeling, you're so numb, you feel nothing and it's kind of a high, very exhilirating. Someone had to gently remind me to put my clothes on because I was talking to everyone on the shore, wet in the my bathing suit, as it snowed on me. I swim in cold water routinely. It's hard getting in, but once in I always say I feel like a stick of spearmint gum.

Bad place to use the word, chattering. I was chattering as in speaking, not as in cold-chattering. :)

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