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365 Photography Project_Take 2_twelfth Post
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Tuesday December 27, 2011_our hair salon all decorated for the holidays

Friday December 30, 2011_the Weinstein Gallery, three floors of Surrealist goodness, and the dolled up Embarcadero, both in San Francisco.

Saturday December 31, 2011_David and Lauren making me a happy birthday breakfast in the morning and our friends after lunch in the afternoon :D

the flickr of our lives

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But see? those purses are very cool, not my style personally, but very cool and I like how this little shop supports local handcrafts.

And you have good eyes, that's Union Square directly across the street

And thanks, that kitchen took 3 months of my life actually and probably more like a few years off of my life figuratively, what a freakin' mess, but so worth the effort and money, I wouldn't change a thing and given we did it 2 1/2 years ago, that's saying something.

I'm glad for the smiles :D

I like the Embarcadero shot. And yay for birthday breakfast. :-)

I wasn't sure the Embarcadero shot would come out well giving the whole while-driving-at-night thing, but it worked out pretty well for a little point-and-shoot.

I loved my birthday breakfast, very yummy :D

The lights of San Francisco are beautiful! The group pic at the end is lovely -- it's great seeing everyone together and smiling.

The San Francisco lights were amazing, to the right of us was the Embarcadero and to the left of us was the Bay Bridge also outlined in white lights, all so beautiful.

I'm glad you like the group shot, obviously my favorite :)

Love the photo of the lights and souds like you had a really nice birthday.

thank you!! it came out better than I would have thought and yes, you are right, I did have a very nice birthday :D

Yeah for the birthday breakfast ;)

Love the Embarcadero pic! And the last one too.

Thanks for sharing!

I have to agree...yeah for birthday breakfasts :)

I will admit, the last one is my favorite :))

thanks so much for stopping by!

I like the gallery shot and the night shot!

the night short came out better than I could have expected given it was taken from inside the car :D

Cute story on the gallery shot, hope I'm not repeating myself!! Used to be when I went stealth, Lauren would get all embarrassed and moan...moooooom, don't. But now, since she knows I'm going to take the photo regardless, she quietly says...should I block you? looking around to find where someone is who might not be that happy with me shooting in their gallery or where ever. And then she does block me, so I take the shot quick. Most indoor places I ask permission, but some, like this gallery, I know that they probably won't like it so...I don't and, in such few instances, Lauren keeps me safe.

I'll worry about what I'm teaching her about authority and rules some other time :DD

I love the story and no, you hadn't told it before. It's heartwarming to see Lauren going from fine upstanding citizen to abettor. In NY, you can take pictures in all the galleries which I find so liberating because museums are usually, no, no, no.

She's learned the value of having the photos for the sake of memory. Here I think of it as being the opposite, museums are open to photography unless posted not to, while galleries aren't I think because museums mainly own while galleries are selling, but don't quote me.

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