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Second List_Eleventh Post_100_snapshots
icon science_astronomy
Number of photos: 2
Themes: 14_Shine & 62_Discard



flickr has all the rest

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I love how you captured the lights in the first shot :)

Thank you! The sky was at just that perfect light for a photo like this :)

I love the discard pic. Great angle.

(Deleted comment)
Actually, I can say the same now that I no longer work there, which probably isn't good the brick&mortar bookstores.

Love your icon :)

The shine pic is so cool! Simply beautiful. Well done ♥

That first pic is really neat.

Just gorgeous.

Love the Shine. and the colors.


Also, though, as I looked at it, like the small bit of life in the midst of our concrete world. Kind of a metaphor.


It is! Glad you liked the photo.

Great pics, love the shimmery effect in the first one.

thank you and yes, it was the 'shimmery' that caught my eye when I got out of my car!!

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