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The 50 Best Statements By Members Of Congress Against SOPA/PIPA
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Check out these tweets, despite what some say, there are many in Congress, both Democrats & Republicans, who actually get it.

Source: CheatSheet on tumblr

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This is encouraging. Thanks! :)

I'm glad you think so. I was encouraged especially that they are both Democrats and Republicans and are from both liberal and conservative states.

it has been bothering me how so many keep saying that those in Congress and the Senate are ALL too old to get it. I was glad to note that apparently some aren't.

I hope yesterday's messages really worked.

I wonder if they "got it" before or after all the petitions and e-mails were thrust in their faces.

well, they all are on twitter, so they must have some sophistication about the need for reasonable legislation, but really, who knows? You make a valid point.

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