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Second List_Twelfth Post_100_snapshots
icon science_astronomy
Number of photos: 2
Themes: 3_Overlook & 37_Cosmic



flickr has all the rest

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(Deleted comment)
I naturally like the second better, the structure of that hundred year old dome, all copper and wood and glass, is so amazing, but the view, which is just across the driveway from the dome, is pretty nice too ;D

(Deleted comment)
What a view!!

The second one is neat.

It is beautiful


Thank you!!

Love both pics, but especially the first one.
The view is fabulous ♥

We live just on the other side of the mountain range, we can only see it, though, when we look down toward the end of our street!!

Beautiful view and love that second one too.

Thank you, it's hard to take a bad photo when you start with such wonderful subject matter :D

very pretty icon!!

These two are wonderful separately but especially together.

the overlook is actually just across a gravel driveway from the observatory that houses the telescope, so they are, in fact, together.

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