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Second List_Seventeenth Post
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Second List_Seventeenth Post_100_snapshots
Number of photos: 2
Themes: 4_Browse & 38_Carved



flickr has all the rest

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I'm so excited about re-reading this fic and I love the new pics. :D

whatever I can do to make you excited is very cool :D

I'm glad you like the pics, they were both fun to take especially the first :)

Love the photo of the hands!

Oh - the hands are simply wonderful.

they're outdoor sculpture in Sacramento, stone hands floating over a fountain :D

the white hands almost look real with glue and flour.

actually stone, they're huge, probably each is twice as big as my head and they float, supported by a couple of rods, over a fountain in front of an office building, it's like one arm, severed at the elbow, comes in from one side while the other comes in from the opposite side and they grasp where they meet in the middle. Public sculpture :D

icon is appropriate...sort of

Does the sculpture have a name?

That I can't tell you. It was along the street we walked toward the Capitol Building in Sacramento in front of an office building, beyond that I have no information. I even searched google images but alas...no :(

I hereby name it Godzilla's Maker.

perfect, as is your icon :)

Loved the fic.

And those hands are brillaint!

I so appreciate your reading the fic, does me good and the hands are pretty cool, they're part of a fountain in front of an office building.

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