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Sunday February 26, 2012_Lauren is home for the weekend and she and David are going over the fafsa tax whatever for next year...in his new office!

Wednesday February 29, 2012_The Poetry Book_This is a story unto itself, but, suffice it to say that this task 'Create a Poetry Book for Lauren of 100 poems' was on my very first mission101 list and is a task that many of you helped me create when you replied to this post way back in May of 2009, giving me your very favorite poems. Originally, I was going to illustrate each with found images from google, but then, at the beginning of 2010, after I had about 30 poems complete, my laptop crashed, nothing had been saved and I lost heart until last week when I decided the illustration aspect was both unnecessary and unmanageable, what mattered was the words and so, I formatted the pages, adding in googled images of each poet, had the pages printed, on soft white linen paper and voila...is done. Every poem that was offered up by an LiveJournal friend is acknowledge, I, in fact, copied in many of your comments as to why you loved that particular poem, so Lauren would understand who gave it to us and why.

Needless to say, I ended up with more than 100, a few more, plus I've included xeroxed sheets of poetry she had collected over the years in school. In fact, it had been the poetry section in her junior year English class that had given me the basic idea and then I saw a very similar idea on someone's mission101 list and there you have it.

The binder is clear-ish plastic so I've made front & back cover pages plus the spine.

Thank you so much to everyone who gave me poetry, I really couldn't have created such an meaningful book if not for your help. Unlike her journal, this will be a Christmas gift, I'm so excited and it's only March!!!

Thursday March 01, 2012_February books & DVDs_This is a lot less than normally because I realized, even if I have always known, that I use reading to justify NOT getting other things done. Picking up a book and reading is easy, figuring out how to complete the Poetry Book isn't, so I'm cutting back for a while.

Could this be the reason why I did accomplish so much in February!!???!! Could be...could very well be.

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"Monet Refuses the Operation"! \o/ \o/ Poetry book looks great.

I just rechecked my original post and you contributed several, so thank you especially!! I really hope Lauren will add to it as she goes along, I've left room for more :D

The poetry book for Lauren is one of the coolest gifts ever. She will treasure it.

I'm so glad you think so. I hope she will treasure it and will add to it as well.

also, in reviewing, I realized you didn't answer my original post for your favorite poem, there's still time, so...

I suffer from not being able to pick a favorite anything - movie, poem, book, etc. It makes my brain hurt. I will offer two from a favorite poet - Billy Collins. You pick the one that you think Lauren will like best:

Another Reason Why I Don't Keep a Gun in the House


The First Dream

Thank you for letting me participate!

Edited at 2012-03-09 07:56 am (UTC)

the two you sent me are both going in, they are just wonderful. I can see why Collins appeals to you so much and thank you for sending them, Lauren's book wouldn't have been complete without your contribution.

I am so glad you liked them.

Lauren's book wouldn't have been complete without your contribution.

You are wonderfully kind. Thank you.

Here is one that moms will appreciate. This one is just for you:

The Lanyard

thank you, this is just perfect. I've saved it just for me

Sam's FAFSA is complete and submitted. I had to do her 2011 Federal and Pennsylvania income tax first - she owed small amounts on both. I went ahead and paid them. Sometime this week I hope to finish mine. No idea whether I owe or will get a refund.

Did I contribute to the Poetry Book? (Tell me only if it ie easy for you to look up.) Such a wonderful project!

This is a lot less than normally because I realized, even if I have always known, that I use reading to justify NOT getting other things done.

This sounds like one of my mother's refrains. All through my childhood I heard, "Nancy, get your head out of that book and go outside and get some fresh air." FanSee

Edited at 2012-03-07 01:45 am (UTC)

we had to do our taxes in order to complete Lauren's, David's part, the tax guys part. David was not pleased when he realized that but did a major burn and we were done within the time so...whoo...whee!! Lauren's was included as part of ours, probably because Sam has worked and Lauren's hasn't? Not sure.

I did check and no, you didn't, but you still can if you'd like to. I was going to hold it to 100 poems, but have gone over by a few anyway. I'd loved to have your favorite.

We have kind of an odd situation with Samantha. When I went to fill out her first FAFSA last year, I wasn't sure whether I should list her father as her parent - which would mean accessing his income tax return - or myself. I'm her legal guardian and I provide 100% of her support, but the FAFSA clearly refers to parents. I worked through it, and she came back as an emancipated student (or words to that effect). It wasn't her income from working, it was her income from her trust account. Her mother died two weeks before she turned one and left a substantial life insurance policy which was split between Samantha and her half brother. Her half was held in trust for her by the State of New Jersey for 17 years, so the original principal was invested and, over the years, increased a bit. SO...only her income was counted, not mine or her father's. Once I got her income tax complete, I could finish off the FAFSA in a timely manner (as we accountants say).

I'll get back to you with a poem. It's a shortie, but I love it. FanSee

Sam's is a more complicated situation, Lauren has nothing but what we give her so, simpler. Her grandfather did leave her a trust, but since I inherited everything, the State of California had no say in it and I was able to change that into something non-taxable. Well, we're both through the first year, the second should be easier.

I await your very short, very loved poem...yay!!!

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