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Number of photos: 2
Themes: 46_Support & 54_Decorative

46_Support_These are silicon wafers imprinted with the hand imprints of the Donors to The San Jose Tech Museum, which, I think, makes a very beautiful and personal and appropriate display.

54_Decorative_A hand painted bench

flickr has all the rest

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I told you before that I love your photos, right? If not, then I'm telling you now. It's wonderful to see the world through your eyes, or rather lense. Love the bench. So lovely and colourful. :)
Thanks for this!

The bench is lovely and don't you think the tiny touch of graffiti makes it all the better?

While you have mentioned liking my stuff before, this makes me very happy so, thank you.

That display is fabulous and made so personal.

That is just what I loved about it and all those wonderful reflective surfaces!!

(Deleted comment)
I had seen to special events there before but had never actually experienced the museum itself, it absolutely is an wonderful place and hope we will go again.

The bench is awesome, and I love your perspective on it.

Thank you, it is very cool, there are several to brighten the street.

As always, two wonderfulphotos.

I have to agree, I kind of like these two myself, the first is shiny and the second is colorful!!!

I like the bench picture and what exactly does a silicon wafer do?

Thank you!!

Silicon wafers, when cut into tiny tiny tiny individual chips that are attached to circuit boards, are the circuitry components that run all computers, no matter how big or small and are the reason why San Jose/ Santa Clara is known around the world as Silicon Valley.

For 'exactly', you'll need to go here:


I just read the wafer wiki - my brain is smarter tonight. thanks!

'my brain is smarter tonight. thanks!'
my work here is done!

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