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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Twenty-Sixth Post
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I hope all of you have had a lovely Easter or Passover or just a quiet easy Sunday like us :)
On to my photos for last week.

For context :) There are several of these structures scattered around the school playground.
April01_2012_Sunday_at Athenour
Sunday April 1, 2012_Before we took Lauren and Jimmy back over the hill to Santa Cruz after our really swell spring break, they wanted to revisit their old elementary school, Athenour, most specifically to see 'their' signing wall. Lauren's name is on the back wall while Jimmy's is on the side wall close to hers. Athenour was founded in 1961 and closed with their fifth grade class, the final graduates, in 2004. :( The name still survives as a preschool at this location and I think it's very cool that the other current tenant, a Montessori school, hasn't painted over the signing walls.

April02_2012_Monday_March books
Monday April 2, 2012_This is a little lack-luster for me, but I did decide to read less and do more plus rereading Hesse and Gibran was pretty good. Also, I read fanfic, for the first time in many a month, which was very good, so I don't so much mind. And honestly, understanding 'Consciousness and Its Implications' would have been enough had I understood it, but...not so much :(( I will have to try again. I should probably mention that 'The Tremendous Worlds I Have Inside My Head' is a little bit of a biography about Kafka.

Saturday April7, 2012_At the end of each month, I have printed any photos I've taken during the previous month for either 100_snapshots - top little blue album - or my 365 Photo Project - bottom right big black album - or the Possessions album I'm doing for Lauren - bottom left small brown album. I include my laptop because it shows me how to sort all the photos

the flickr of our lives

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Those wall structures are really cool!

They are!! Although they have been painted over over the years, I think since they were the last class, our kids' wall will probably remain for some time to come. At least I hope :))

Like the colorful wall and all your pics at the bottom!

I like the wall idea too, adds color and history to the play ground and gives the new kids something to bounce their balls against :D

My mantra is keep up keep up from month to month

It goes without saying that I'd like to read The Art of Reading. ;) Also, Athenour? A couple of days ago, I did a search on how many cities in the United States are named after greek names. Athens shows up a lot, but I don't remember Athenour. Do you know what the source is?

Oh, what a great wall! :)
Love the others too, they are peaceful. Thanks!

The wall is cool and since our kids were afraid they might be painted over so, I had to get pictures.

I'm glad you enjoyed these. Thank you!

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