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Petition for Sergey in St. Petersburg, Russia
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Sergey Kondrashov, a straight, married man from St. Petersburgh, in standing up for what's right, in defense of his lesbian friend, has been arrested
The least we can do is support him by signing his petition and then tweeting or facebooking it to our frineds.
And if you watch his vid on the petition's web page, please remember to click through to YouTube so we can get his view numbers up and Like It if you do.

Please please please, you guys, sign the petition in support of Sergy from AlLl OUT

Thank you!!!!!
to all of you who have already signed this petition
and also
to those of you who will.

It's getting scary out there and we need to act.
And yes, it does feel a little weird protesting a Russian city on a Russian website.
Is what it is.

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(Deleted comment)
it does feel like we're going backwards but that's because those who once hid themselves are no longer willing to, which causes narrow-minded reactionaries to get all repressive. The world is watching, repression is no longer out of sight, out of mind, we just have to do what we can to show support. When I signed the petition, it was at 50,000, now it 65,000 and the views on Sergy's vid was 97 and now it's over 3,000. Better but not good enough. Pass the info on if you can :D

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