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Second List_Twenty-Seventh Post_100_snapshots
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Number of photos: 4
Themes: 33_Block, 50_Construction, 82_Inside, 100_Deep

33_Block_Along a rainy day San Francisco city block with my family

50_Construction_How could I not use the old Mervyns as it became the new Orchard Supply Hardware?!!?



flickr has all the rest

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The last pic is so cool and beautiful ♥

Thanks for sharing!

rain a couple of months ago in the pic and two nights ago also!! late in the season for it. I love how in that last photo you can see thought three levels, first the foliage, then the fish tank to the people below. I also took a photo in the opposite direction up through the fish tank through the foliage to the people above which I'll post later for a whole different prompt :D

Somehow the rainy block in SF draws me in. I love the angle and color.

I personally think it has something to do with the warm yellow interior lights contrasted with the gray-blue exterior and it's wet which softens the light. plus there's possible adventure just down the street :D

Lovely pics as usual, adore that last one.

I love how you look down through the foliage to the fish in their tank and then further down still to the people beneath :)


Rain, rain, always stay! I like that one a lot.

thank you! SF does have a nice charm to it especially at this time of day, all glow-y and wet without the cold :)

Last shot is awesome!

Also, thanks for the v-gift. :-)

I'm glad you like it. I have one in the reverse direction to post later :D

My pleasure :)

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