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Dear Mister President...
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Given the political climate, given that this is probably not the most politically savvy position for President Obama to take, I believe his sincerity. He once said, when running for the senate, that he opposed gay marriage, but that he could not help but feel that history would show that he had come down on the wrong side of the debate. He has now righted that wrong

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It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Romney would like the campaign to be about economics, and Europe's problems may depress our economy enough to make that topic difficult for Obama. His support for gay rights may be a red flag for the Republican base, so much so that Romney will find himself running on cultural issues instead. That might serve to keep reminding independents that the Republican party is the party of crazy.

There is a Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. We do, for sure. FanSee

Re: Same-sex Marriage

You sum it up well and it could get ugly if Europe doesn't do well, but I also think that there is a great deal of complacency on the Demos side, many thinking Obama has this thing all sown up. This should hopefully jar many out of that complacency, make them realize they need to stand up for him. We'll see.

Transition times are interesting times, the pendulum swings both ways, all we can hope, I think, is that we keep moving forward despite how hard some work to drag us back to dark and distant past.

all of what Obama said should be included

not just that piece.


Re: all of what Obama said should be included

I just picked-up a nice graphic that summed it up. If you'd like to, and can find a graphic that says all that he said, post it.

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