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Awesome Photos
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This photo of us was taken by a Russian weather satellite, called Elektro-L No.1, which flies in a geostationary orbit more than 22,000 miles (35,700 kilometers) above the Earth’s equator.

This is us again. No computer editing has been done to this. Saturn is eclipsing the sun from the camera probe’s view. That little blue-ish dot off to the upper leftside of Saturn's brightest rings, around 10 o'clock, is earth.
This image really benefits from clicking it bigger.

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I know, my sentiments exactly :)

The Saturn one is so cool. *stares for a while*

Saturn is always cool but to our earth through its rings just amazes me. Glad you enjoy the photo too.

Love that second photo.

to realize that that little blue speck is us just stuns me and Saturn is always amazing.

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