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Second List Thirtieth Post_100_snapshots
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Number of photos: 4
Themes: 20_Endless, 39_Secret, 59_Chip, & 76_Shelf


39_Secret_I know a secret about this building, ask if you'd like to know too.



flickr has all the rest

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(Deleted comment)
Mine and Lauren's fast food collection lovingly displayed...in the bathroom, makes me smile every day.

The St. Francis is actually where David and I married and had our reception and where all our guests stayed from out of town and the hotel is doing just fine, I took this in late December. Was there a Disney Store on Union Square? I'm sorry, I didn't know :((

(Deleted comment)
It was and they did a terrific job of it too.

Your photo reminds me, seems like that would have been a good location. Too bad really.

I love the shelf!

Please tell me the secret. ;)

All the fast food collectables with some Kids R Us thrown in too!!

This building is the St. Francis Hotel on Union Square in San Francisco and it's where David and I were married and held our reception :))

Truly a memorable building!!! ♥

Your photos get better and better. More and more interesting. Love the cup and tablecloth shot.


thank you, I appreciate you thoughts. It's good to know I'm improving :)

I like your secret. And the grocery pic!

'I like your secret.' :))

'And the grocery pic!' the endless choices...sigh :D

I like chip and your secret.

fortunately the bowl is still usable, otherwise I'd be sad :( and yeah, it's fun to go back every couple of years to revisit the St. Francis and remember :)

Love 'chip'... and I want to know the secret please. :)

thank you!! I rarely set-up photos, but I thought this one worked well, glad you agree.

My husband and I were married and held our reception in this building, the St. Francisco Hotel on Union Square in San Francisco :DD

Looks a very impressive place for a wedding. :D

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