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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Thirty-Fourth Post
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Last week was slow, my head hurt fairly consistently so, just some random photos.
May30_2012_Wednesday_taking Lauren back
Wednesday May 30, 2012_Taking Lauren back to Santa Cruz_That is one happy child, is she not? You'd think I had a gun trained on her. So wary.

June02_2012_Saturday_monthly reading_DVDs June02_the set
Saturday June 2, 2012_May reading and DVDing_ This I Believe is the bookclub book, we'll discuss it this coming weekend. Experiencing Hubble is one of the best Teaching Company courses I've watched where Professor David Meyer features his 10 favorite Hubble images and explains their significance. I learned so much!!! Art of the Postmodern Area is the last of a four volume set, which I began in early 2009, written by art critic, Irving Sandler. These volumes span 40 plus years and what I found quite interesting was Mr. Sandler's changing view of art as he, and the artists around him, grew older. He also co-wrote the Pulitzer prize winning biography of Williem de Kooning.

May31_2012_Thursday_changed  May31_comparisonMay23_2012_Wednesday_peppers
Thursday May 31, 2012_Comparison_I keep these strange pepper insides and, I find it interesting anyway, the little green pepper in my original photograph, to the right, slowly and completely continued it's change into a red one as did, but not completely, the larger of the upper cluster of little green peppers. But only those two, the others are simply drying up. Such is life.

. the flickr of our lives

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I hope you're feeling better now!

Those pepper insides as close-ups are really incredible.

Headache gone for the time being...YAY!!! I love the change, that the color continues despite the fact that the pepper is picked and cut open. Very cool.

(Deleted comment)
It used to bother me, her attitude, now I just take the photo anyway knowing that she's going to have to live with it in the family photo album :D

No headache today so...yeah!!

The peppers are intriguing, aren't they? That the color should continue to change amazes me.

Was Lauren being funny or really wary? Really interesting how the pepper turned red.

She initially reacts badly to a camera being pointed her way. The next shot I took, she was smiling but the photo didn't turned out well, so I had to use this one. This is an improvement on how she used to be, she'd simply turn away and I kept on getting photos of her back :D

And even after this shot, it has continued to change, fascinating!

I would never have guessed Lauren was camera shy. You're doing a great job!

thank you, I do try. Still, these are more typical :DD

I love both of these - the first because of her pose and exprsssion, the second becaus she's going the wrong way. :)

I love them too, they are so her. In the 2nd, I lifted the camera and she literally danced the wrong way. Both went into the album :)

(Deleted comment)
Lauren seems to actually understand how good she has it, that many would give anything to trade places with her. I'll let her know you are one of them as, honestly, am I :D

I'm glad to make you smile.

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