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I double up again
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icon camera_black&white 365 Photography Project_Take 2_Thirty-Seventh Post

June20_2012_Wednesday June20_2012_Wednesday
Wednesday June 20, 2012_A tiny bit of my garden

the flickr of our lives
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Number of photos: 4
Themes: 55_Full,  58_Elemental, 70_Tie, & 85_Collect





flickr has all the rest

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I adore your Peanuts collection!!! I was a huge fan! It brings back wonderful memories... and I have a special Snoopy Build-a-Bear featured on the sofa in my den with his happy dance song that plays when you squeeze his paw.

The Peanuts collection is Lauren's which was started for her by my mom when she gave Lauren a little Snoopy doll for her 1st birthday :D I'm so glad that the photo brought back such lovely memories. I think Snoopy's happy dance song, and his dance, is my absolute favorable.

Lovve "elemental" and "collect".

thank you!!! Collect is part of Lauren's very large Snoopy/ Peanuts collection :D

I like Elemental, especially the writing on the paper.

I wish I could take credit for the composition of Elemental but it was photographed as is, all I did was notice it which does, I think, matter :D

Love the first two, of course. :-)

'Love the first two, of course. :-)'

Because the first two are of oh I don't know...nature??!!?? :D Thank you!

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