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365 Photography Project_Take 2_Thirty-Ninth Post
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July01_2012_Sunday_Naturals Bridges July01_2012_Sunday_exploring
Sunday July 2, 2012 First Photo_Natural Bridges yet again. And again, for those who are interested, there once were two of these stone "bridges' separated from the shore, but one of them fell down so, while they still call this place Natural Bridges, it is actually Natural Bridge...no s. Second Photo_I captured three, of four, kids going off to explore tide pools and such, Jimmy, Lauren and Joanna. James is off to the left :(

July04_2012_Wednesday_crowd July04_2012_Wednesday_fireworks July04_2012_Wednesday_Jimmy & Lauren
Wednesday July 4, 2012_We return to Morgan Hill once again for America's Happy Birthday celebration. First Photo_Celebrants taken in line while waiting to order hot chocolate because it was very cold. Second Photo_A self-explanatory not great pic of gun powder made pretty. Third Photo_Out-of-focus Jimmy smiling while Lauren

July05_2012_Thursday_on our way July05_2012_Thursday_arrived Thursday July 5, 2012 First Photo_We're at the Branham lightrail station heading downtown. You may note that in the parking lot across the highway, the tippy-top of the cream color car to the extreme left is mine :D Second Photo_Our destination, San Jose's Modern Art Museum. The old original building houses one large gallery, the gift store and the Cafe with two floors of gallery space in the new-ish building.

flickr has all the rest

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Can't have too many pictures of the Natural Bridges! Love the movement of the water in this one.

All of them are interesting, but I'm afraid I'm sadly attracted to the pretty. (Not that Lauren isn't pretty. I should have said picturesque, I guess.) FanSee

I took several and chose this one because of the water's movement...and its color.

Picturesque is cool especially since Lauren is barely visible. For me, while the ocean is lovely, I gravitate toward the museum, I love downtown :))

I love these! I love how summery they are.

I'm so glad you do and seriously, if San Jose is anything, it's definitely summery :D

Love the fireworks and the first sea shot!

I like the combination of the old and new in the museum. Of all museums I've ever seen, this one is the most distinctly 'halved.' I wonder if they have ever put together an exhibition that mirrors this duality.

Why the sad face for James?

Me too. I'm ever so grateful they didn't just tear down the old and make it all new. Mainly this museum exhibits modern art but, now that you bring it up, while the upstairs gallery in the new space was showing 'Humor in Renegade Modern Art' the gallery space in the old part of the building was showing 'To Hell and Back: Sandow Birk's Divine Comedy', probably about as dual as this museum will ever get.

the sad face for James is because he didn't make it into the photo, he was too far to the left when they took off and if I'd paused long enough to frame the photo well enough to include him, they would all have been out of camera range as fast they flew away :D

I am so glad I asked you that question because Sandow Birk's work is fabulous! I've checked out as much as I can and have ordered the boxed set book with contemporary slang translation and his drawings. Thanks for the tip!

How are you doing with your Hollander text?

Ya know? I priced the boxset while at the museum, wishing to buy, but really can't afford it at the moment, so it's so very cool that you have!! And I think Birk got it right, LA as Inferno, SF as Purgatorio and NY as Paradiso...works for me :DD

I have completed Inferno and Purgatorio but am waiting until October to read Paradiso as I need a little break. I am very glad I'm reading Hollander's translation, at your suggestion...thank you, he makes the text and the historical notes so accessible. I probably enjoyed Inferno a little more, it's so visual and has more action but Paridiso was cool too. I hesitate a little about Paridiso because I understand there is a lot more religion but I will persevere.

Oh, and at least by the end of Purgatorio, I found I couldn't stand Beatrice. The word 'bitch' kept coming to mind every time she opened her mouth :)

Paradiso was definitely the most religious but i was so invested in his journey, I was excited and i won't spoil you but there are some spectacular moments that caused a surge of emotion unlike any felt in the previous two cantos - and I am in no way religious.

Beatrice. Ah, Beatrice. I too disliked her tremendously for taking Virgil's place. After she had Lucy request his help and then he just disappears into thin air and leaves Dante looking around for his "mamma" I actually cried. So, yes, Beatrice was difficult to swallow for me. I found that as I read Paradiso, I did grow to like her more and more but never anywhere as much as Virgil. Virgil has my heart.

I look forward more now to Paradiso, even if I am still glad I'm taking a break from Dante's journey. I thought I'd read Crime and Punishment next but have instead decided to read Ellen Degenerous's bio, I bought it for Lauren for Christmas, as that seems more to fit my mood right now.

Ellen would get a total kick out of being the bridge between Purgatorio and Paradiso.

(Deleted comment)
I'm glad in a good way, wouldn't want to make you too home sick :)

Thank you so much, sweetie. You are very kind.

Great location and activity shots!

I would have been running with the kids to check out the tide pools. lol

Well, I would have too except that I suddenly realized I was the only mom left to watch all our stuff :(( The other two left minutes before for what turned out to be a very long walk. It was cool though. I have explored the tide pools before so I sat watching the waves, the birds, and the other people while reading my book :))

Erosion will out I guess, nothing is forever. And it's too bad really because they are more photogenic when they form bridges instead of pillars :D hopefully this second one of ours will last a long long time.

Thank you!!

(Deleted comment)
undoubtedly our paths have crossed since I have been taking Lauren to this museum, always by lightrail, since she was around two. We either lunched in its cafe or else also at a near by little place, which used to have a built-in wall aquarium, but I don't think it does anymore.

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