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Second List Thirty-Seventh Post_100_snapshots
icon science_astronomy

This is my last post for List Two.
I will begin List Three later in the year.
Thanks so much for following along!!

Number of Photographs: 5
Themes: 8_Friend, 57_Danger, 67_Enigma, 72_Progress, & 80_Sparkle

8_Friend_Barbara, here with Lauren, has been my friend since college. We met in an art class.

57_Danger_Note the skull & crossbones

67_Enigma_A mystery wrapped in a shroud??

72_Progress_From photo One taken a year ago to photo Two taken last month, progress has been made.
72_ProgressMay09_2012_Wednesday_Willow Glen

80_Sparkle_Always the cliche...ah well.

flickr has all the rest

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The mushrooms are a cool shot. It's amazing how many different kinds there are out there.

My wonder is why anyone would even think to eat these particular 'shrooms anyway!! They must have been seriously hungry.

Congratulations on finishing another list!

I love seeing the progress of the building.

Thank you!!

I was amazed when I realized it was the finished version of the drawing I had found on the building site-fence from the year before :D

Thanks for doing this! :) I really, really enjoyed the whole tour.

Wow - those mushrooms look awesome - and very green. *g*

I'm so very glad you did, it makes me happy to know this.

Awesome, green and very dangerous...yeah?

Love the fungi one. :)

I wouldn't even need to be told NOT to eat those, they just look dangerously poisonous :)

(Deleted comment)
thank you!!! especially for always being so lovely with your comments, I really appreciate it :D

(Deleted comment)
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