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I hope you all are doing well but since my access to WiFi is very limited, I haven't had the opportunity to check anyone's journal's in over a week. I feel so out of it :(

Still, I have more photos, as can be seen from this post, than normal, so I'm going to spread them out over three days so as not to overwhelm, which means Starbucks daily. Ahhhh...so sad :)

The adult dancers alternated with the children...

who patiently waiting, watching and learning. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good photo of the kids.

The crowd.

July15_2012_Sunday_Polish festival_family Sunday July 15, 2012_The Polish Festival_First through third photos are of the folk dancers, the fourth is of Lauren, David, Lucy, my mom-in-law, and Elba, Lucy's sister.

the flickr of our lives

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I love the beautiful costumes!

Have fun "torturing" yourself at Starbucks. lol

'I love the beautiful costumes!'
So do I, so much pattern and color

'Have fun "torturing" yourself at Starbucks. lol'
I absolutely will :D

(Deleted comment)
thank goodness for Starbucks and their readily-available WiFi :)

The costumes were very colorful and nicely made, a lot of care and craftsmanship.

(Deleted comment)
Great second pic with the skirt in motion. :-)

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