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...on weekdays, I fetch the newspaper at 6:30am when, at this time of the year, it is DARK. There is the vaguest hint at the edges of the sky of the lightness still to come, but otherwise, it is dark and down towards my gate, beyond which is the newspaper waiting patiently, I can't really see anything. Well, this morning, as I stood on what we laughingly refer to as 'our porch', a slab of concrete under the roof overhang in front of the door, I got confused. Outside didn't seem right. As I listened I heard what sounded to me like the sprinklers, but going off everywhere and all at once!!!


But then, I realized, what was going on. It was raining!!! Just the softest gentlest rain ever and I was both relived and pleased, relieved because I wasn't going to have to call the sprinkler guy to come fix the sprinklers and pleased because i can now turn them off if only for a little while.

Why am I telling you this? I can't even begin to imagine, but there you have it. Have a sweet day and where things aren't so gentle as they are here right now, stay safe.

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Some of life's sweetest moments are just like this: simple unexpected pleasures. It always makes them just that much better to share with someone who understands. I enjoyed it with you.

' I enjoyed it with you.'

Oh, I'm so glad, now it's worthwhile having written about.

It's sounds like a lovely early morning experience, if not a bit wet. :)

it was, very nice to hear the sounds of rain again. Although I am painfully aware that a lot of people aren't sharing my joy especially right now. Glad you are safe and doing alright.

Sounds like a delightful way to start the day... soft, gentle, much needed rain.

it actually was. I just think it's funny how long it took me to register that that's what I was hearing :)

(Deleted comment)
for a second, I also thought it was going to end badly but no, it ended very nicely indeed :D

Have you read Ray Bradbury's short story collection, S is for Space? There is one story called The Long Rain that you might appreciate.

I have read a lot of Bradbury but not that one. I'll put it on my next list, thanks for the rec.

BTW I just went to amazon, found the book, it was nearly $90 used so, I went to B&N where I found a single copy, form Canada, for #1.65 with all the rest starting at $35 and up. Apparently, it's hard to find, but my very cheap Canadian copy in GOOD condition is on its way!!

You got a great deal! I went over to Amazon and found 5 used ones from 5 dollars to 24 dollars. The hardcovers are really expensive. I have an old battered copy I've had for decades. I've been wanting to read The Martian Chronicles again. Let me know what you think after you read it.

It will be awhile, but I'll let you know what I think when I've finished and would you believe I have the Martian Chronicles listed for next summer? Have you read His Dark Materials? I just finished. What a complex story!!

I started the Martian Chronicles last night and am blown away by the poetry and imagery of the writing.

I did read His Dark Materials. I loved it. Especially the bittersweet ending.

I've only read The Martian Chronicles once, ages ago and am now even more looking forward to reading it.

What a complex story His Dark Materials is, way more so, I think, than for its market audience of Young Readers. I try to imagine being 12 and reading and understanding the story and I know at that age, I couldn't have what with multi-universes, multiple POVs, God as a frail old man who is kept captive in a crystal box and who simply dissolves, the land of the dead, which wasn't Dante-esque, parent's sacrificing themselves to save their child and on and on. I absolutely loved it also, but will undoubtedly have to reread it one day.

I try to imagine being 12 and reading and understanding the story and I know at that age, I couldn't have what with multi-universes, multiple POVs, God as a frail old man who is kept captive in a crystal box and who simply dissolves, the land of the dead,

There is no way a 12 year old could begin to appreciate this material. It's too much like you say. I forgot about the land of the dead! And can now picture a hazy line of people the same way I was picturing them climbing out while I read.

Have you read Peter Pan lately? I read it for the first time this year and could not believe how sinister and dark it was. Just the first page was crazy with Wendy talking about her mother's hidden kisses that were never for her. Tinkerbell was a murderess!

At Barnes & Noble, the book is kept in Young Readers, 8 to 12 years old...crazy!

I've never read Peter Pan, other than the kid's version, but, weirdly, Lauren was just talking about Tinkerbell and how awful she was. I guess I'm going to need to add it to 'the list' for next year :)

I have a treat for you. I just read a stellar His Dark Materials fic.

You must read, especially in light of all the reading you do, I can't remember any of the authors, but physics, and science and theories on being, etc.


Read and enjoy! And happiest of holidays!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Thank you! I wouldn't have even imagined there was fanfic for this book even if Lauren tells me I should imagine there fanfic for everything :D Apparently so.

Off to read.

Happiest of holidays to you too!

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