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Happiness Month_Day Eighteen
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Day Eighteen
Three Gratitudes_54/ 63
          I'm grateful:
52_that I have grown up, despite its serious difficulties, in a liberal democracy.
53_that I live at a time when, traumatic as it can be, people world-wide are fighting more and more for their human rights and because of the internet, the rest of the world can know about, and be inspired by, their fight.
54_that I was not raised in a religious family

           One Positive_18/ 21
We never left the house! We had no where we needed to be! Oh how I love it when we have no where we need to be!!!
          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: I made an attempt to be more who I really am when answering my email-y comments, with one especially, which, while those I'm commenting to might find it annoying, I enjoyed so, maybe I went beyond the normal for myself :)
          I did exercise: No, I didn't.
          I did meditate: I will, before I sleep. Honestly.

Three days to go.


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Oh how I love it when we have no where we need to be!!!

Same here. I'm glad it's Sunday and every place I could go to is closed.

Sunday doesn't matter here at all, everything is still open. I hope yours was lovely.

I have three days of 90% nowhere to be! I had to go to a party last night where I danced and played word games but other than that, I'm home in sweats with the fireplace and watching TV, reading, and being on-line. Yay! Although now I have no milk, and so must decide whether that can be ignored or I must emerge to purchase it. Milk is a mega-staple but I may eschew it for one more day.

Three days in a row! How lovely. And your agenda is exactly what we plan for. Although your party sounds very fun. How did you milk issue resolve itself? Lauren and David are like you. Me not so much.

I went four days without milk. Currently, I have a gallon and a half and am rich.

So very, very true your gratitudes! :)

I love your "positive"! Days like that are so few and far between and incredibly relaxing.

Edited at 2013-03-24 12:18 pm (UTC)

Those days are the very best :) Lauren and I should have a couple of them coming up this week which I am so looking forward to.

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