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A little update & some photos
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        So, within a couple of days of finishing my Happiness Month meme, I got sick, yes I did and no, I haven't dwelt overly on the implication of that juxtaposition although I'm sure one must exist. Three and a half weeks later and I'm at about 75%, although my allergies and bronchitis are seriously acting up...ah well.
          The only thing I've maintained from the above-mentioned meme is meditating and even that only half-assed. Now that I am again feeling vaguely alive, I hope to do better.
          I have been drawing though, have actually finished four smaller ones over the past month which is pretty awesome considering I hadn't put pencil to paper since last November...geez!! I actually got an idea, while meditating, that has helped me step up my game so, very cool. And yesterday, David and I went to University Art in Palo Alto and, man oh man, I was the proverbial kid in a candy store...I want this and I want this and and and...!!! David sweetly indulged me and I am now, at least on a personal level, a happy camper.

March Photographs
March 5, 2013_Tuesday_My flowering plum tree with both flowers and leaves, a phase of loveliness it doesn't maintain for very long.
March05_2013_Tuesday_flowering plum

March 16, 2013_Saturday_These next three photos were taken at The Home Show at our convention center in downtown San Jose because I got bored waiting for Cindy. My favorite kind!! Reflections!!

March 22, 2013_Friday_Lunch in Willow Glen at Siena with Lauren (to the left), Cindy (top), Barbara (right) and me (bottom).
March22_2013_Friday_lunch in Willow Glenn
A close-up of my nom nom BLT!
March22_2013_Friday_lunch in Willow Glenn_Cindy, Lauren, Barbara

March 31, 2013_Sunday_Books I read and vids I watched during the month of March.
March31_2013_Sunday_march reading


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I have similarly been absent here, but as soon as I catch up on some posts, I hope to go back and read the whole Happiness Month meme. I came in in the middle, then didn't get to finish it, so...I'm looking forward to it and to contemplating whether it is for me or not.

More later. FanSee

I had noticed your absence, had even though to message you when...here you are! That you'd go back and read the whole of that meme means a great deal to me. I found it to be a very positive experience and would recommend it. Just, like me and ashmedia and film102 and penelope_web, do it your own way :)

Glad to see you back... Meme or not. :)

Thank you, sweetie. I think I'm closing in on 90% better, which is terrific.

Does your plan help you feel in control of things. I have so much that is just sitting and has sat for months for one reason or another and sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in it all and going under for the last time. Hee hee

M Lyn

I like your pictures and the way they express you and the things you are passionate about.

Edited at 2013-04-23 03:06 am (UTC)

My plan does more then help me feel in control, it actually keeps me in control. I've gotten things done I would never have gotten done otherwise.

And thanks about the photographs.

I was wondering where you were, glad to hear you're over the worst of the illness...that sounds like it was probably pretty horrible.

I love the blossom picture. Our spring hasn't got off to a particularly good start so we've yet to have any, but my town is well known for its avenues lined with cherry blossom. I can't wait to see it in bloom, it's one of my favourite sights.

Maybe when your avenues are cherry-blossom lined you can take a photo or two to show us all the lovely. That would be something to look forward to.

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