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Sooooo cool!!!
icon science_astronomy
As I am wont to do every three or four months, this time I've gone with black & white & grays, in order to lighten and brighten up my journal for spring :)) I've changed up my lj and my firefox browser bar so now, it looks like this. How cool do Tommy's eyes look!?!


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Very cool indeed.

I never change my set up. I'm a stick-in-the-mud AND lack the skill set. Oh, well. FanSee

Re: Spring is sprung

See? and I change mine all the time, four or five times a years, generally at the beginning of a new season. I love a fresh look and I get to choose a new default icon!! You should try it sometime :)

Something made me come and have a look at LJ tonight and what do I see but this! Love the new layout! I particularly love it because it's a little bit of home on your page, way down south! That's a TTC "Red Rocket" on a well known line here in Toronto! :)

Thank you for the info because I had no idea what city it was, the layout isn't named after Toronto. I'm certainly glad you stopped by :)

Your new LJ layout is awesome! I actually used to use that Firefox persona with Tommy's eyes too. I changed mine only recently to a Sherlock one :)

Thank you!! It's cool that Firefox have such cool personas. I'm bound to get tired of this one...someday:) Plus, your icon is sooo pretty.

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