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Tommy!! snagged from tjrpics
icon people tommy_hair
Photos by @leecherry
Makeup by @sutanamrull

See how it's done!!

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Whoa! Holy crap! I always thought he was gorgeous but my God, he's beautiful! Thanks for the pics!

You are more than welcome and yes, he truly is beautiful and I really enjoyed watching Sutan creating his transformation. Remarkable!!

This is truly remarkable to me the change and how it's achieved.

i didn't recognize him with his hair pulled back off his face. He's quite beautiful and adrogenous.

M Lyn

It was remarkable, wasn't it? Sutan does wonderful work. And I agree, he is quite beautiful.

(Deleted comment)
He really is and so do I and yes, I too have always loved Tommy's androgynous look :)

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