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Third List_Fourth Post_100_snapshots
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Number of Photographs: 3
Themes: 4_Learn; 25_Stunning; 68_Pencil(s)





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I can't decide which I like better. :)

The very nicest kind of comment. Thank you!!

I love the one with all the colored pencils!

That I've collected so many over the years kind of stunned me. I organized them and realized, I had my pencil prompt :)

The stunning pic is most definitely stunning!

Thank you!! Blue sky is blue :)

I love the shots of the books and pencils...contrasting in direction yet complementing in color. Very nice, hon!

Thank you for your lovely comment :)

Great pics as always... love the pencils!

Thank you!!

I organized my pencils and suddenly realized just how many drawings I'd have to do to use them all up. Daunting :)

I was trying to work out if they were Derwent brand pencils. I still have my set of 72 from years and years ago. :D

There's a mix but mainly they're regular Prismacolor and Prismacolor Verathin, a nice combination of soft and hard. I also use Prismacolor's crayon sticks. I guess I'm pretty much tied into them :)

Did/do you like to draw? Derwent are good pencils.

I used to draw a lot, but haven't for years, I must drag out the pencils. :D

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